Staffordshire has the second highest present-day Kelsall population of any county in England; Lancashire has the most as discussed here. The first known Kelsall in Staffordshire is James Kelsall of Audley present on a muster roll in 1529. It is an interesting proposition that most of Kelsalls present in Staffordshire up to about the mid-19th century were descended from James Kelsall, and that many of today’s Staffordshire Kelsalls are also descended from James Kelsall. Locations of Audley and other Staffordshire towns are shown below.

James Kelsall had two sons born, William (1565) who became Vicar of Audley and John (1569). I have not traced John’s family to any living descendants but his family though three generations may be traced through the Kelsall Pedigrees as shown in Chart 1 below.

John’s son, William Kelsall is the known ancestor of many Kelsall’s today, most of whom trace to his third son, Richard. William is the 9x great grandfather of this author, Peter Kelsall.

The immediate families of William’s three sons are shown in Chart 2. I know of no descendant today of the first son William. A son of John the second son, also John, became a vicar at Cheswardine, Shropshire and gave rise to a large family in Boston, Lincolnshire. John Kelsall (1644) is the 7 x great grandfather of Edward Scott. John’s daughter Margaret married William Wayet in Boston in 1704. John’s son Edward (1672) was Vicar at St Botolph’s Boston from 1702-1719. Margaret and William Wayet’s daughter Ann married John Scott and amongst their children was Rev Thomas Scott (the Commentator).

Another daughter Bridget married Launcelot Brown (better known as Capability Brown).

William’s third son, Richard married Dorothy Booth. One son William was the author of the Kelsall Pedigrees and died without issue. Another son Richard married Katherine Sherratt. The story of Richard and Katherine’s sons John and Richard and the fortunes of the estates in and near Audley is described here. John married Hannah Henbury and their son Richard who married Mary Birks is the continuation to many present-day trees. John’s brother Richard had a large family in Haslington (near Crewe Cheshire) but I am not aware of present-day descendants.

The immediate descendants of Richard Kelsall and Mary Birks are shown in Chart 3, along with known present-day descendants. Two sons, Richard and Joseph have many descendants in Staffordshire, especially Hanley, Burslem and Wolstanton. Another son, Robert continued my family line in Buckley, Flintshire.

At this time, I have not been able to tie all Staffordshire trees to the Kelsalls of Audley. Many present-day descendants trace to William Kelsall (1781) who married Clementina Clowes in Hanley as shown in Chart 4. Others trace to William Kelsall (1722) who married Mary Rathbone in Wolstanton as shown in Chart 5. I have not been able to find where either William fits into the Audley trees – although as shown by Charts 1 and 2 there are numerous candidates for male Kelsalls who could be the connections.

I have seen on-line trees that connect the William of Chart 4 to the William of Chart 5. I do not think this connection is correct as William 1781 in Chart 4 is contemporaneous with William 1773 in Chart 5.