John and Joseph Kelsall were coal miners from Buckley, Flintshire who emigrated to Pennsylvania. They are descendants of the Richard Kelsall/Mary Birks tree and in turn descendants of the James Kelsall of Audley tree.

John Kelsall aged 27 appears in the 1900 US census in Rush, Centre County, Pennsylvania (near State College) with wife Sarah, and children Joseph and Sarah born in Pennsylvania in October 1893 and July 1895. John was born August 1872 in Buckley, the son of John Kelsall and Sarah Jones. He married Sarah Ellen Williams, 8 June 1893 in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. According to the marriage license his parents were Joseph and Mary and he was 23 when married. I cannot explain why these differ from the birth to John and Sarah in 1872 which I believe to be correct. Later, John and Sarah Ellen had children Edith, Emma, Bertha and Henrietta, and lived in Cambria County, Pennsylvania. John and Sarah were living in Niagara Falls in 1930. Sarah died in Niagara Falls in 1974, aged 101. John died in 1938. The mother’s genes for longevity were evidently passed to four of her daughters. This author met Henrietta born 1912 in Denver in 2005 and she lived to almost 100. Emma lived to 100, Edith to 96 and Bertha to 87.

There is an immigration record on Ancestry which appears to show John Kelsall arrived New York, 11 May 1887, aged 11. There is nothing in the passenger list to tie this John to Buckley but the date corresponds well with the date of John leaving Buckley according to a diary kept by a Buckley woman, Ellen Dunn “John Kelsall left here April 28, 1887, also for America”. In May 1887, John was actually 14. By proximity on the passenger list he may have been traveling with Kate and Emma Jones. This would appear to be Emma who married John’s brother Joseph, the next day, 12 May 1887 in Clearfield County.

Joseph Kelsall appears in the 1900 US census in Ashcroft, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania  with wife Emma, both aged 39. From the census, Joseph was born August 1860 but this may have been 1859. From the census, he immigrated in 1880; Ellen Dunn’s diary shows that he made trips in 1883 and 1886 also, with another brother William who returned to Buckley. Emma Jones was born in November 1862. She married Joseph 12 May 1887 in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, apparently the day after she arrived in New York. From family records, they had no children. In 1920, they were living in Patton, Cambria County. Joseph died 20 August 1924 in Spangler, Cambria County, Pennsylvania.

The father of John and Joseph, also John, was born about 1828 in Buckley, Flintshire to parents Joseph Kelsall and Esther Thornton. John’s brother, Joseph, was Peter Kelsall’ s great great grandfather). John Kelsall married Sarah Jones at Chester St. Mary in 1851.  John and Sarah lived in the Spon Green area of Buckley. John died in 1914 aged 86 and Sarah in August 1915 aged 88. Their other children were Emma, married Edward Peters; William, unmarried, living with mother at time of her death in 1915, died in Buckley 1929; Hannah, married Edward Wainwright 1875, living in Spon Green 1911, died 1927; Mary: not found after 1871; Isaac, died 1867; a second Isaac: not found after 1881; Thomas, married Elizabeth Jane Telford 1909 and living in Nantwich 1911.