This tree is relevant to the Kelsall One-Name Study because Kelsall and Utkinton are just a few miles apart and DNA evidence suggests a connection between the Done and Kelsall lineages on the male line. It is speculated that there was a common male ancestor, likely before 1500. Further information is provided here.

The genealogy of many Done families (also spelled Doan and Doane) was documented in The Doane Family and Their Descendants, compiled by Alfred Alder Doane in 1902 (downloadable online). Discussion of the family in Utkinton is largely drawn from Ormerod’s History of Cheshire. A pedigree is presented showing the name documented in 1215, extending to Sir John Done died 1629 (after which the Doane history is concerned with the name in North America). My Kelsall line was established in Audley, Staffordshire by 1539 and the connection was almost certainly before then. One can only speculate on how the connection occurred. For example, the connection was very early, at a time when surnames were being established but names were not automatically passed on to all sons; a younger son from the Done family could have adopted the name de Kelsall to start a new lineage. Alternatively, there could have been a “paternity event” on either the Kelsall or Done lines.