The history of Kelsall families in the Burtonwood, Great Sankey, Widnes area of south Lancashire has bene studied by Helen Kelsall Wilson (in Descendants of Richard Kelsall of Lancashire, England by Alvin C., Helen Kelsall and Cindy Sue Wilson), Andrea Kelsall, Jean Berry and others. Locations found in parish registers are shown below.

There is general agreement that this line extends to Nehemiah Kelsall who married Hannah Hayes in 1746. From the work of, Nehemiah was born 19 October 1725 probably in Rainhill to Isaac and Sarah Kilshaw. Isaac was born in 1685 in Halewood, the son of Richard Kelshaw and Sarah Johnson married 10 May 1676 in Childwall Parish. One descendant of this line, Samuel Kelsall born 1820 gave rise to the Reno Kansas tree.

This line in south Lancashire could easily have arisen by migration across the River Mersey from Cheshire. Based on early spellings, Helen Kelsall Wilson proposes that the name could also be derived locally from Culcheth, a village six miles north east of Warrington. This name was reportedly pronounced as Kilshaw by locals.