First World War Biographies

Biographical information can be found following the links. Names without links are works in progress.

To date I found seven sets of brothers:

  • Arthur and Richard Kelsall of Burslem
  • Cyril Jeffrey and George Henry Kelsall of Onehunga, New Zealand
  • Alfred John and Edward Henry Kelsall of Shrewsbury
  • John and Herbert Kelsall of St. Helens
  • Clarence Edward and James William Kelsall of Longsight, Manchester
  • Frederick and John Ralph Kelsall of Liscard, Cheshire
  • Matthew and William Henry Kelsall of Sheffield

Daniel and Percy Kelsall of Audley were cousins.


Kelsall, Albert Edward                         Manchester

Kelsall, Alexander Ernest                    Trent Vale, Staffs

Kelsall, Alfred                                       28 Ann St., Reddish, Stockport

Kelsall, Alfred John                            Brooklyn Farm, Copthorne Rd., Shrewsbury

Kelsall, Alfred Joseph                        Blundellsands, Lancs

Kelsall, Alfred Norman                        Hanley

Kelsall, Arthur                                       23 Wood St., Burslem

Kelsall, Charles Henry                         53 Wright St., Hull (born Bolton)

Kelsall, Charles Proctor                     Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Kelsall, Clarence Edward                     Longsight, Manchester

Kelsall, Clifford                                    3 Amfield Lane, Tintwhistle, Manchester

Kelsall, Cyril Jeffrey                            Onehunga, Auckland

Kelsall, Daniel                                    Audley, Staffs

Kelsall, Edward Henry                         Shrewsbury; see Alfred John

Kelsall, Eric                                        91 Wellington St., Oakes, Lindley, Huddersfield

Kelsall, Ernest                                    Fenton, Staffs

Kelsall, Ernest                                    2 Tunnicliffe’s Old Row, Leigh

Kelsall, Frederick                                Liscard, Cheshire

Kelsall, Frederick Alfred                      St Johns, Workington, Cumberland

Kelsall, Frederic William James            98 Victoria St., Newark, Notts

Kelsall, George                                  Preston

Kelsall, George Ernest                        70 Doncaster, Leicester

Kelsall, George Henry                         Onehunga, Auckland

Kelsall, Harry                                    4 Swiss Villas, Church Lane, Ashton-on-Mersey

Kelsall, Herbert                               104 Higher Parr St., St Helens

Kelsall, Harry                                    Hanley, Staffs

Kelsall, Herbert                                 95 Geoffrey St., Chorley

Kelsall, James William                       Longsight, Manchester

Kelsall, John                                     Hornby, Lancs

Kelsall, John                                     104 Higher Parr St., St Helens

Kelsall, John                                         Hyde (buried at Hyde Borough Cemetery)

Kelsall, John Ernest                          Bettisfield, Salop

Kelsall, John Henry                          Widnes, Lancs

Kelsall, John James                                     Great Sankey (buried at Gt Sankey St. Mary’s Churchyard)

Kelsall, John Lindsay                        Moss Side Estate, Rochdale

Kelsall, John Pedder                        Garstang, Lancs

Kelsall, John Ralph                       Liscard

Kelsall, John Slater                         18 Park Rd., Wilmslow, Cheshire

Kelsall, John William                        36 Wilks St., Tunstall, Stoke

Kelsall, Joseph                                 52 Ivan St., Belfast [b. Oldham]

Kelsall, Joseph                              Melbourne

Kelsall, Matthew                               26 Berkley St., Attercliffe, Sheffield

Kelsall, Percy                                Halmer End Hall, Halmer End, Stoke

Kelsall, Ralph                                 Newcastle, Staffs

Kelsall, Richard                               44 Wellington St., Hanley, Stoke

Kelsall, Richard                               23 Wood St., Burslem, Stoke

Kelsall, Richard George                   Pendleton, Manchester

Kelsall, Samuel                              Stretford, Lancs

Kelsall, Thomas                              Blackburn, Lancs

Kelsall, Thomas                           56 Ridgway St., Moss Side, Manchester

Kelsall, Thomas Leonard                 12 North St., Hanley, Stoke

Kelsall, Victor Albert                   Queen’s Drive, Lyall Bay, Wellington (native of Broughty, Scotland)

Kelsall, William                              Manchester

Kelsall, Wilfred                              Buck Lane, Ashton-on-Mersey

Kelsall, William                              Burslem, Staffs

Kelsall, William Henry                    Sheffield (buried at Tinsley Park Cemetery)

Kelsall, William Joseph                  Notting Hill, Victoria, Australia (native of Birmingham)