The US Kelsall population has expanded to about 130, an increase of 60% from 1880. Kelsall is now present in 19 states compared with 13 in 1880.


Families/locations that are continuations from those seen in 1880 include: Brandon and Dubuque, Iowa; Reno, Kansas; Jefferson, Kentucky: Fall River, Massachusetts; Belleville and Newark, New Jersey; Cincinnati, Ohio; Dallas, Texas; and Pleasants County, West Virginia. Notable newcomers are described below.

Joseph and John Kelsall were brothers from Buckley, Flintshire who emigrated to the coalfield of Pennsylvania living in Clearfield, Centre and Cambria Counties. There stories are told here.

May E Kelsall born Indiana July 1869, living with sisters Laura and Stella Jones in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Stella and Laura Jones were residents of Colorado Springs in 1880, not found in 1870. May is presumably a widow but I have not found a matching marriage record.

Arthur Kelsall born England Sept 1859, married Clara born Georgia. Resident of Howard, Bibb County, Georgia, From the census, Arthur immigrated 1876. He married Clara Elkins 1886. In later records Arthus seems to be known variously as S.A. and Samuel A. He was naturalized as Samuel A. Kelsall 1889, with records showing him as Samuel A Kelsall born 9 Sept 1863, Manchester, father Thomas Charles. He died 17 Dec 1926 in Macon. I have found no birth records for Arthur or Samuel A., for 1859 to 1863, no matching records in England census and no immigration record.

Samuel Kelsall, born 1864 New York (according to census but does not match other records), father born England, was a resident of Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut, wife Johanna; children John, May born Connecticut 1898/1899. Samuel immigrated 1888. Present in 1910 with John, Henrietta, Arthur and in 1920 with John, Arthur, Mary. Samuel died 24 Jan 1928 in Connecticut with birth given as 10 Nov 1865. From this birth date, Samuel Kelsall born Barton upon Irwell 1865, mother Royle. A tree on Ancestry gives his birth as Timperley 1864 based on US census dates, and his wife as Johanna Gutha.

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