The Kelsall population in the United States increased from 53 to 80 from 1870 to 1860, an increase of about 50% but much smaller than the 300% increase in the previous decade.

Most families are continuations from those seen in 1870. Notable newcomers include:

Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts

The 1880 census includes the families of Samuel and Emma Kelsall and Robert and Ann Kelsall. Some of the information online is contradictory but it seems that Samuel and Robert were from Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire sons of Thomas Kelsall born Duckenfield, mother’s name Seel or Seal. Robert b 1840 Stockport mother Seal. The 1861 census for Ashton shows Thomas widower 56 born Duckenfield, Robert 20 born Compstall, Samuel 17 born Ashton.

From naturalization records Samuel Kelsall was born 24 March 1844 Ashton under Lyne; he arrived in America 2 Sep 1873 and petitioned for naturalization 10 Oct 1889. He married Emma Meliah 1865 Ashton under Lyne. Samuel (cotton minder) and Emma were residents of Ashton in 1871, with children Elizabeth, Sarah, James. Emma died 1886 and Samuel married Nancy Wood in Massachusetts 1889. He died in 1914 in Massachusetts.

From his naturalization records, Robert Kelsall was born 10 Oct 1844 Ashton under Lyne; he arrived in US 29 April 1861 and petitioned for naturalization Sept 1884. This birth date does not match his age from the census and if correct would place doubt on Samuel and Robert being brothers. Robert Kelsall married Ann Meliah 1863 Ashton under Lyne; they were residents of Ashton in 1871, with children Samuel, William Robert. His naturalization records suggest that he may have moved back and forth between Fall River and England. Robert died 1895 age 49. Ann died in 1921.

Samuel and Robert were both workers in the cotton industry. They moved to Fall River at a time when there was a rapid expansion of the local textile industry. In two years, 1871 and 1872, 22 new mills were built. And the city population increased by 20,000.

Covington, Kentucky

June and Fannie Kelsall are servants in the household of Mary Prague in Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky. June is 40, a widow, born about 1840 in England. Fannie is 15 born in Kentucky as was her father. Fannie Kelsall married Jerry Bryant as shown on the death certificate of their son Edward. I have not found any other record of June.

Dallas, Texas

James Kelsall born about 1855 in England was a resident of Dallas, Texas. This is probably James Kelsall married Mary Sappington 1883, Montague, Texas and died 1918. James and Mary are present in 1910 census but I have found no other records.

Middletown, Pennsylvania

Joshua Kelsall, born England about 1851, his wife Caroline born Pennsylvania about 1854 [actually born England] and Joshua’s sister Margaret Kelsall are at Middletown, Bucks, Pennsylvania. Joshua and Caroline arrived New York 29 April 1873. From the Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Joshua died 14 May 1891 and Caroline 2 March 1915. This is probably Joshua Kelsall married Caroline Slack 1871 Belper, Derbyshire. Census records show this is Joshua Kelsall son of Abraham and Margaret, resident Crich Derbyshire in 1871, born Preston, father born Wyersdale.

New Wine, Iowa

Anny Kelsal resident of New Wine, Dubuque, Iowa born about 1845 England, married but husband not present. Children all born Iowa, John, William, Mary, Arthur J., Anny, 1869 to 1874. Husband may be John living separately, born Pennsylvania. John appears in 1900 as born England February 1840. If this birth is correct, this could be John Kelsall born Wolstanton, mother Beech, or John born Stockport, mother not known.

Polk City, Iowa

Thomas Kelsall born New York about 1830, father born England resident of Lincoln, Iowa. Wife Elizabeth Kelsall born Vermont, Robert Donaldson step son. Wife Elizabeth Wilson married James Donaldson died 1852. Thomas died 29 May 1899 Polk City age 69. Possible father Thomas arrived 1827 New York? Have not found record for Thomas in census before or after 1880. Elizabeth found in 1900 and 1910. Elizabeth died 1913 Polk City.