As in 1830, only heads of households were recorded by name.

The Ancestry search yields three Kelsall heads of household.

Richard Kelsall, Orange, New Jersey is discussed from the 1830 census.

Peter Kelsall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with 3 people in the household. Peter is also found in 1850 with wife Mary (born c. 1810 England) and daughters Sarah and Mary (born c. 1834 and 1841 in Pennsylvania. Various records on Ancestry show that Peter immigrated to Philadelphia in 1834 and was naturalized 4 October 1839. His occupation was hatter. He died 4 December 1852 in Philadelphia aged 42 and was buried at Ronaldson Cemetery. The “Genealogy of the Descendants of John Kirk” records that Peter’s wife was Mary Wrigley, and daughter Sarah Ann born 29 October 1834 married Lois Kirk in 1853. There is a record for Peter Kelsall married Mary Wrigley, St. Mary Stockport, 27 May 1831. Both Peter and Mary are from Dukinfield. This family is not found in 1860 but Mary is found in 1870. Mary died 22 September 1885 in Philadelphia, buried in Glenwood Cemetery. The only record found on Findmypast for a birth in 1810 is Peter Kelsall, born Worksop, Nottinghamshire, father James, mother Ann. If the marriage of Peter and Mary Wrigley is a correct match it is unlikely that Peter was born in Worksop.


George Kelsall, Wheeling, Ohio County Virginia (now in West Virginia) with a household of 5 males and 4 females. This would appear to be George Kelsall who married Elizabeth Brookes 8 July 1838 in Ohio County, West Virginia. Elizabeth is found in Ohio County in 1850, age 40, living in the household of Richard Simms with Dorcas Kelsall age 11. There is also a George Kelsall living separately in Ohio County age 29. Dorcas Kelsall married Almarian Gage, Dekalb Illinois 1860, and died in Sandwich, Dekalb County in 1904. A tree on Ancestry indicates that George born about 1829 was a half-brother to Dorcas, born to Elizabeth Rundle. He lived until 1915 in West Virginia. This same tree shows that George senior was born about 1795 in Cheshire and that he arrived Philadelphia from Liverpool 8 Nov 1817.

Between 1850 and 1855 George Kelsall, who was in Ohio County, Virginia moved to Pleasants County, West Virginia – a relatively short distance down the Ohio River. This family is included in A History of Pleasants County, West Virginia by Robert Pemberton (not reviewed by this author). George Kelsall born 1828, parents George and Elizabeth married Mary E. Carroll in Pleasants County 10 Sept. 1855.

From Marilyn Veek, George Kelsall, born probably in Cheshire, immigrated to Baltimore in 1817, married Elizabeth Rundle there in 1822, moved to Wheeling (then in VA) and on to Randolph county, IL where he died in 1846. He, was Marilyn’s 3rd great-grandfather. George and Elizabeth Rundle were married 2 Feb 1822 in Baltimore. Their daughter Sarah, born 1 Jul 1822 in Baltimore, married Harvey Ray Jr. 12 Jan 1843 in Wheeling, Ohio Co, VA (now WV) and died 4 Aug 1907 in Des Moines, IA. Daughter Lucy, born 23 Feb 1826 in Baltimore, married Robert Elton Guthrie 26 Aug 1845 in Randolph Co, IL, and died 6 Dec 1895 in Wichita, Sedgwick, KS. Marilyn is descended from Lucy.