The 1830 census provides the name of the head of household; the number of free white males and females in various age categories: the name of a slave owner and the number of slaves owned by that person; the number of male and female slaves and free “colored” persons by age categories; the number of foreigners (not naturalized) in a household; the number of deaf, dumb, and blind persons within a household; and town or district, and county of residence.

The Ancestry search yields two Kelsall heads of household.

Catherine Kelsal, Marion County, Georgia. This household included 8 free white persons, 3 males and 5 females with no slaves recorded. I have not found this family in the 1840 census or any other records. Almost all county records were destroyed in a fire in 1845. (There is a document “Footprints in Marion County” available on Findmypast that I have not seen.)

Richard Kelsal – Orange, Essex, New Jersey. This household included 2 free white persons, one male 30 to 40, one female 20 to 30. This family is also found in 1840 (now Kelsall) with now 3 males and 2 females.  Richard is not found in 1850; Family Search has the record for Richard Kelsall, died 31 March 1848, Orange, New Jersey age 45. There is one Kelsall in New Jersey in 1850, Henry Kelsal of Bloomfield, Essex, born England about 1811 with no family living with him. I have found no Kelsall in New Jersey in 1860 but there are two households in 1870.